• Laser Engraving

    Laser Engraving (Click Here)

    Laser engraving gives you incredible detail down to 3pt font. Nothing that we have come across can match its pinpoint precision and abilities. The downfall of lasers are that their workspace is limited. Our very large and very nice Trotec Speedy 300 workspace is 28.6" Wide by 17" Deep by 6.5" High, this is very large for a laser.

  • CNC Routing

    CNC Routing (Click Here)

    We have a 4' by 8' 3HP Spindle CNC router w/ rotary & vacuum table, this is best for large designs that are beyond the laser, specifically for wood and acrylics or very light aluminum. This is mostly for sign making or cutting 4x8 sheets of material into precise sheets. The CNC router will never be as precise as the laser but is still pretty incredible.

  • Sandcarving/Sand Blasting

    Sand Carving (Click Here)

    We have an Ikonics Crystal Blast Elite to be able to efficiently tackle large jobs in a short amount of time. Sandcarving is dishwasher safe and leaves a permanent mark with depth. Excelent for glass, stone, wood, and other solid surface materials Our workspace in the machine is 36" Wide by 24" Deep by 24" High and the door opening is 19" Wide by 18" High.